St Stephen’s College delivers highly regarded business courses at your school during your timetable. 

You will learn the skills and practical knowledge which will equip you to: 

• Get a better job after Year 12 
• Gain entry to University* 
• Meet your School’s WACE graduation requirements 

Experienced teachers and trainers who have significant experience in both teaching and business have developed the course. Your qualification will be nationally recognised enabling you to do further vocational studies such as a Diploma of Business. 

If you are interested and want your school to deliver a recognised St Stephen’s College course then send your VET Coordinator or teacher an email now and ask them to sign up**.

*Entry will depend on the entry criteria of preferred Universities. 
** Students cannot directly enrol with St Stephen’s College. St Stephen’s College must be contracted by the school where the student is currently studying.


Using a blended delivery model of technology and practical learning activities, our professionally trained staff visit your school to equip your students with invaluable skills and knowledge in the familiar surrounds of your classrooms.


At St Stephen’s College, we offer nationally recognised and accredited Certificates I – IV in Business. Our knowledgeable staff equip your students with the industry and business skills for a world that is rapidly changing.


St Stephen’s College delivers an accredited and highly respected VET curriculum in schools throughout Perth. If you would like to offer your students a more diverse curriculum and enhance your school’s reputation without the ongoing VET accreditation and staff training costs, then St Stephen’s College is an assured and cost effective solution. 

Read our testimonials below:

John Grayham
Fraser Reef School Deputy Principal

Working with St Stephen’s College is terrific. It allows us to offer high quality VET courses in our classrooms without the ongoing accreditation costs.  

June Field
West Baptist School Curriculum Leader

The St Stephen’s College teaching staff really know what they are about – their lesson plans are comprehensive, featuring a good blend of hands-on activities and classroom learning.

Gordon Simmons
St James Park School Principal

St Stephen’s College delivers a quality product. The students are engaged and enthused to come to class every day. Their knowledge and skills have improved significantly which they are now applying to all parts of their schooling.


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